Generation Y's Howard Beale (dk) wrote in azcaranddriver,
Generation Y's Howard Beale

hey, nice to find a group for local gearheads. i'm jason, 26, and car-obsessed/addicted.

what i've owned over the past 10 years:
'84 toyota celica gt
'91 nissan sentra se-r
'86 toyota celica gt-s
'92 vw jetta gl
'98 vw gti-vr6 de
'97 vw golf gl
'89 toyota celica turbo all-trac
'97 vw gti-vr6
'91 nissan sentra se-r
'87 vw gti w/ 2.0-16v swap
'85 toyota mr2
'95 nissan 240sx
'91 nissan 240sx coupe
'89 bmw 325is (current car)

i'm all about upgrades, but in the year since i bought the 3-series life has been hectic, so i've only managed to get a set of 15" wheels and the shorter-geared differential from an early M5 into it. i'm still collecting all the parts needed for a complete suspension upgrade; after i'm done with that i'll either be working on a home-brewed turbo setup for it, or buying an early all-wheel-drive DSM (eclipse/talon).

anyway, hi (:
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