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Accord parts

I bought some parts to fix up my car but I'm selling the car so parts are being sold as well. So here are parts I have that I can't return since it's been over 30 days.

All parts will fit on 98-02 accord sadan models and they're all brand new. I also listed how much I paid for it and how much I'm asking for. Or you can make best offer. If they don't sell here first, I will list them on ebay.

All neon lights will fit ANY cars. I also have 2 packages of HID lights. Each package contain 2 bulbs and model number is Sylvania Silverstar 9006 ST/2, which is the brightest. Might want to check out what other car models it will fit.

I'm also listing a pair of headlights for my boyfriend's car. He just got new altezza lights so we're selling the stock one. It's for 99-03 Mitsubishi Galant sedans.

If interested, my email is If you'd rather talk on the phone, email me and I'll send you my cell number.

1. Set of LED neon undercar lights. It has 4 tubes that will go UNDER the car. 2 tubes are 36" and the other 2 are 48" which is standard. Color is red and they've never been used. I did take it out of the box to make sure it wasn't broken. I paid little over $100 for it. Asking price is $75.

2. LED neon license plate frame. Color is red and of course nothing on it is broken. In original packaging. I paid $20 so asking for $10.

3. LED neon windshield nozzle lights. Color is red and new in package. I paid $15 so asking $5.

4. Front bumper. It's aftermarket and it's not painted but as most aftermarket body parts are, it comes black. It looks like the stock one so nothing fancy. It doesn't come with the "H" thing in the front since it should already be on your bumper. Those are actually screwed in on your original bumper so you will have to take it off. I did take mine off so I'm sure I put it somewhere and can find it if you need it but you should have yours. I bought mine for $120 so I'm asking $90. It's nearly impossible to find it for that price, even on ebay. I did find one on ebay that looks pretty much exactly the same so here's the link. This link is for picture purses only.

5. Front left fender. It's aftermarket and again, comes black but not painted. It looks like stock one as well. I paid $60 so asking $45. Another link for picture purpose. This looks exactly like the picture.

6. Front bumper reinforcement impact bar. Of course it's aftermarket. You will need this if you damaged the front frame or probably if your bumpr fell off. This is the bar that the front bumper screws on. If your bumper is off, it's the metal bar that used to be behind the bumper. If I remember correctly, this is the only metal bar showing and it's sitting in front of everything. Here's a picture. It looks exactly as the picture in the link. I paid $55 so asking $40.

7. Spoiler. This again is aftermarket and it looks like the stock one. I still have the screws and the lights for it. It was halfass painted to test paint color. It's black. I actually took a picture of it sitting on the couch. Go here. I'm sure everyone knows what the stock spoilers look like. I paid around $90 so asking $70.

8. Black crystal altezza headlights. It's actually really pretty in person. Here's a picture. The link will take you to the very same headlights I have. I bought from the same ebay seller and it's exact one and it's still in box and hasn't even been out of the package. I paid $101 so I'm asking $85.

9. Carbon altezza taillights. This is also new in box and taken out of the original bubble wrap just to take pictures of it. Link for exact same taillights. That link will take you to ebay auction that is for same lights but not same seller. I bought mine for $105 so asking $85. Click here if you want to see pictures of the actual lights. I only took pictures of the left side. If you notice, they don't even have dust on it.

10. 2 brand new packages of Sylvania Silverstar HID Halogen lights. Each package contains 2 bulbs. Both packages has never been open. The model number is 9006 ST/2. It's the brightest ones they had. I bought it for my accord. I bought both at Checkers and a single bulb package retails for $24.99. Link to checkers for proof. If I remember correctly, I paid little over $85 for both. Each side of headlight requires two bulbs. I'm asking to sell both for $75 or separately for $40 each. I'm not sure which other car models it will work on so you might want to check it out. Picture link.

11. Stock headlights for 99-03 Mitsubishi Galant. Make your best offer on this one. We were watching ebay and generally, it sold for $40 a piece. The lights are in perfect condition.

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