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Speed traps.

Ok is it me or is there a cop on every corner recently? Within five minutes tonight I saw three seperate cops, each with someone pulled over. It's rediculous. One in my residential neighborhood... one on the 101... and one down beardsley. What's going on. I'm starting to get paranoid.
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hmm they are all over tucson. at night there is one like.. on every corner / driving everywhere. i'm always paranoid that i'm gonna get pulled over. i think they are trying to get as many dui violators as possible. i recently i got a speeding ticket =[
Lol well now they're in my neighborhood. I saw just ONE single cop with a group of THREE people who live in my area (and I know they tend to break some traffic laws)right down the street! I was going to work and he was just sitting there in this little neighborhood cult-a-sack with his radar. I'm thinking it's the whole "back to school" thing.
yea im hoping it's a "back to school" thing. im afraid im gonna get pulled over for doing 5 over. my brother got a speeding ticket the other night on 43rd ave & bell for going like 10 over or some shit...
where in glendale do you live at?
I'm around 79th and union.
werd im at 56th & union, are you into racing?
I'll race. Just not street racing. At least not right now. My mustang is having some issues. I'm getting it all taken care of. Hopefully soon I can have some new gears, torque converter, and maybe clutch. Just a lot of drivetrain and timing stuff. What about you?
just the occasional stoplight bullshit. like you said i've been too paranoid to do anything lately. speeding is one thing but the can throw you in jail for racing.
oh yea i have a stock honda civic...the only thing i can race are hyundai's lol
Lol hey now. I had a '97 tiburon fx. Even stock that thing took out most cavilers, neons, and civics.
yea those tiburon's are fast little cars, i was looking into them for awhile