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Sup all, just wondering if any of you know of any tracks we can race at and/or get times on quarter mile runs. I don't really want to drive all the way over to PIR if i can avoid it and I'm tired of getting pulled over by po' po'. Also how much does it cost and when are there the most people racing? I would assume Friday and Saturday, but what time?

I currently drive a '00 Audi TT FWD, pic on my LJ.
Have owned a '01 Ford Explorer Sport Trac-Black
'98 Ford Mustang Cobra-Black
'99 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-Silver
'89 Mazda MX-6 GT Turbo-Red
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haven't been myself, yet, but i know they have weekly drags there
That's the place i meant to say, not PIR. Yeah i just don't feel like driving all the way over there and then paying 17 just to race...i probably will end up going there though lol
heh... well at least it's closer than the far west side.

do a google search on "phoenix racetrack", i know there are others i'm not yet aware of, having been here less than a year myself.
There's Canyon Raceway at Carefree Highway and Lake Pleasant Rd. in north Peoria, and Phoenix Raceway Park at 195th Ave and Jomax Rd. at the edge of Surprise (take Grand Ave. up to Jomax, turn left, go 1 mile.)

Not sure if either will let you race a street car, nor do I have any other details, but there's two you can do some research on.
thanks, will check em out
Oh, and instead of getting pulled over by the po' po', you can race 'em...


I understand Phoenix fire has, or soon will have, a race car as well.

If you or anyone else is interested, of course.
the az chapter's website is apparently NLA... bummer. thanx for sharing info, though.
I posted before I read more of it.

Beat The Heat is aligned with the NSCA, National Street Car Association. Private citizens such as yourself would race under NSCA rules, and on occasion, could get paired up with a cop at the racetrack. They do it down at Firebird, from what I've heard before.

http://nsca-racing.com is their website.
Speed World use to host drags on wednesdays but now it's been moved to thursdays. I can never remember the address. Sorry, but I know it's west past grand ave. It's also where they have the moto-x races.